Retail Shopping Centre Security

Retail Shopping Centre Security is a core Phoenix activity involving a great deal of quality leadership and management.

Phoenix have good experience of setting up and managing retail shopping centre contacts – from the tendering process through to starting, re-training security officers and installing innovations and working practice.

We currently manage security (plus cleaning & maintenance) contracts at shopping centres across the south of England and South Wales, from assisted security (The Oracle shopping centre, Reading), to full security, cleaning & maintenance engagements as at The Broad Street Mall, Reading, Yate Shopping Centre (Yate), WillowBrook Shopping Centre (Bristol) and Festival Park Centre, Wales.

Each site we manage is different and we have to adapt to the needs and demands of each shopping centre’s management, meaning that although our core responsibilities remain the same, the methods we apply to achieve our goals can vary immensely. Flexibility is key, listening and taking on board the requirements of our clients is key and ensuring our security officers, cleaning and maintenance staff are fully aware of what is expected of them is key.

Retail Shopping Centre Security is a demanding task and competition in this particular sector is strong; standards often unbelievably high. Security officers and staff that we may take over on a successful tender are instilled with Phoenix’s motto; ‘Quality Above All’ and undergo further training in the methods we employ as a company to ensure success.

All Phoenix staff, whether employed as cleaners, maintenance or security officers within a shopping centre environment realise they are the people that shoppers and visitors to the centres' see the most, and that excellent customer service and interaction with the general public provides a positive first impression and real benefit to shopping centre management.

Our officers are thought of as an integral part of our shopping centres, and aside from a visual security presence and an extended customer service representative, our officers provide valuable information for use by centre management seeking to enhance the visitor experience.